Happy 2nd Birthday, Desmond!

Happy birthday to the cutest two-year-old, Desmond! Evan and Chad are the proud parents of this toddler and are currently active with AOW's Outreach program in their pursuit of a second adoption.

Desmond celebrated his second birthday on March 30th with friends and family. Affectionately called "Desi" by his parents, Desi had a Daniel the Tiger themed birthday party (his favorite television show). The party was held at his Grandma and Grandpa's farm on the 30th.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Desmond!.2.jpg

Desmond's adoption was finalized on November 4, 2016. His parents, Evan and Chad, are a waiting family in AOW's Outreach program. They are hopeful that they will soon be matched with the perfect birth mother to give Desi a little sister or brother to play with and help take care of.

Desi loved his special cupcakes with lime green frosting and fashionable Daniel the Tiger rings. It's hard to tell if he even ate much of the cupcake, as a lot of it ended up on his face!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Desmond!.3.jpg

Happy Birthday, Desmond! We can't wait to see you be a big brother someday soon!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Desmond!.4.jpg

Happy First Birthday, Devin!

Happy Birthday to Devin, who turned the big 1 on January 31st! Devin's adoption was finalized on September 6, 2017. Her parents, Erin and Tim, were kind enough to share some new photos of her enjoying her birthday and doing her favorite things throughout her first year of life.

Devin sported an adorable pink "1" shirt on her first birthday. She also got to wear a fancy bib with a cupcake on it during the cake portion of the celebration!

Happy First Birthday, Devin!.2.jpg

After all the birthday prep, Devin clearly enjoyed her pink cake! We hope she managed to eat some in between the smears on her face, hands and clothes!

Happy First Birthday, Devin!.3.jpg

Erin and Tim stated that Devin had a great first year. She has grown so much and is now crawling (getting into everything, we're sure) and cruising all over the house. She is happiest when she is dancing to music or able to go outside for a walk and get some fresh air.

Some of Devin's favorite things to do are attend her swimming lessons, read books, go for walks and swing at the park (even in the winter!).

Happy First Birthday, Devin!.4.jpg

Devin loves to eat fruit and some of her favorites are bananas, mandarin oranges and pears! She also likes spaghetti, peas, mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and of course sweet treats, such as - birthday cake!

A typical day for Devin consists of playing with anything that makes noise or has music, reading books, walking with walk-behind toys and banging on mixing bowls!

Happy First Birthday, Devin!.5.jpg

Thank you to Erin and Tim for sharing Devin's journey with us so far! We're so happy to see Devin growing and playing in a home full of love for her. Happy Birthday, Devin!

Happy First Birthday, Branson!

It's hard to believe that a whole year has already gone by since Branson was born and placed with his forever family: his mom Jen, his dad Brian and his sister, Zoe. Branson's adoption was finalized in August of 2017 and he celebrated his first birthday with his parents and big sister on January 31st!

Affectionately called Bran by his family, this one-year-old has had an incredibly fast year! He is described by his parents as the most loving, adventurous and happy guy. They're looking forward to future birthdays and life events to celebrate together, and cannot believe a year has gone by.

Bran has five top loves in his short year of life and swinging at the park is one of them! He won't let the cold or snow get in the way of his joy in swinging. He also loves splashing in the warm water during bath time, enjoying both winter days and the warmth of a bubble bath at night!

Happy First Birthday, Branson!.3.jpg

Bran loves dogs and one of his favorite tricks is to bark like a dog and search for his furry friends everywhere he goes. He searches for his own family's dog in their home and most likely tires himself out while doing so. Another one of Bran's loves is eating! He even loves eating so much that he tries to snack on dog food during his play acting as a dog.

Happy First Birthday, Branson!.4.jpg

Bran likes to impress his parents and sister by cruising around the furniture and climbing up and down the stairs. The latest trick he's learned is to strike a downward dog pose and smile at his mom and dad upside down. Jen and Brian describe Bran as an easy baby to get a giggle out of, and he chortles with his whole body.

Happy First Birthday, Branson!.5.jpg

In closing, Jen and Brian said this after reflecting on Bran's first year of life: "We can't believe he is already a year old and are so excited about the days ahead. This past year has been a joyful whirlwind, and we're forever grateful to Bran's amazingly brave birth mother for choosing our family! We love him so very much."

We wish you the happiest of first birthdays, Bran!

Too Cute Tuesday: Baby O's Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to Baby O!

Today we are celebrating Tuesday's cutest baby and reflecting on the first year of her life with her forever family.

Baby O was born on November 15, 2016, and she celebrated her first birthday this past Wednesday. She loved her yellow cake with sprinkles so much that she couldn't wait for mom and dad to cut her a piece, but had to dig in with her hands!

Baby O has grown into a wonderful one-year-old and her parents are so ecstatic to have their baby girl. Her adoption was finalized on June 27, 2017.

Throwback Thursday: Blake's Second Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday to Blake, who turned two on August 15th!


Throwback Thursday Blake's Second Birthday!.1.jpg

Blake was born on August 15, 2015 and her adoption was finalized on March 15, 2016. Blake and her dads celebrated her second birthday with friends and family. Blake enjoyed a decorative pink cake that ended up squished between her fingers and all over her dress rather than in her tummy! Blake's dads report that she is quite the talker, and is growing up to be very independent. Blake continues to thrive in her forever home with her adoptive parents.

Birthday Wishes and Throwback Thursday: John

Birthday Wishes and Throwback Thursday John.1.jpg

Today's Throwback Thursday accompanies a warm welcome to our newest employee, John! John has been hired to fill a part-time Website and Marketing Administrator position with Adoptions of Wisconsin. He began working with us about a month ago and his duties include maintaining our website and managing new marketing campaigns. It won't be a toddler running our website and marketing, however, as John is much older and a more experienced employee than his throwback photos indicate! We are very excited to have him on our team and are excited for the talents he will bring to AOW.

As an added plus, today is John's 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday and welcome to AOW, John!

Tenley Turned One Year Old!

Happiest of birthdays to Tenley! Tenley turned one year old today. She couldn't wait to dive in for some of her cake. Hopefully she managed to eat some, since it seems like most of the frosting ended up on her face! Adoptions of Wisconsin was very happy to help her meet her family, and it's always wonderful to see a child love her parents as much as she does. We wish her and her family the best, and many more happy happy birthdays to come.