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Adoption and You

An unplanned pregnancy can be a very emotional experience leaving you feeling very vulnerable as you explore your options.  We at Adoptions of Wisconsin (AOW) understand this and want you to know that getting in touch with our agency does not mean you have made a decision regarding an adoption plan, only that you are interested in finding out information about the adoption option for handling your pregnancy in a way that you want.  Most people who contact us are just looking for information and we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions.

Because AOW is a small independent agency we are able to give you personalized support.  Check out to see our pictures and read more about the employees who make up our staff.  Taking time to do this may help you feel less nervous if you decide to contact us because you will know who you are talking to; you will be able to put a face with a name.  All communication with AOW is confidential.  We understand your desire for privacy and wholeheartedly respect it.

If you connect with AOW by phone ((608) 821-8220/866-ADOPTWI), Megan, an AOW social worker, can help answer your questions and provide you with additional information. She can help you in scheduling an in-person visit with the staff if that is what you choose.   If you call during business hours a social worker will be available to talk to you.  If you call the main office line after business hours you can leave a message and Claire or Megan will contact you the next business day or if you want to speak to someone that same day, there are directions on the message about how to reach one of us on our cell phone.

If you choose to contact us via email Megan or Claire will respond to your email.  You will be contacted by email or phone, your choice, by a social worker within one business day.  The same applies to messages we receive via Facebook.  AOW cannot guarantee the confidentiality of messages sent to us using Facebook because Facebook is a private entity and not part of our organization.  We encourage you to use our confidential email address, or call us at (608) 821-8220 or 866-ADOPTWI.

When you connect with an AOW social worker you continue to direct the conversation. You will be the one who decides how you would like to handle your pregnancy.  We will talk about the subjects you want to talk about and give you the information you request, whether you decide on the adoption option or another route.  From our experience meeting face-to-face works best because we are able answer all your questions as they arise and provide you with information about the resources available in your area.  You decide whether you want to meet with us at our offices in Madison or if you want us to come to you.  We will meet you where you feel most comfortable.  You are also welcome to bring a support person(s).

Adoption may be the right choice for you, or it may not.  There are a lot of things to consider when making an adoption plan and we are here to support you as you consider your options.

For more information about the adoption option for birth parents and prospective adoptive parents, visit our outreach page.

To learn about the legal aspects of adoption, read more at The Law Center S.C.