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Adoption and You

Pregnant? An unplanned pregnancy can be challenging. If you think that you may want to place your baby for adoption, we can help. We will answer your questions and give you information and resources to help you make your decision. We will help you plan. We’re glad you’re here.

Making an adoption plan is the ultimate parenting decision. You are not “giving up your baby” or giving up on anything, including yourself. As an expectant parent, or birth parent, you will decide what is best for your baby.

How can we help?

  • We have loving families waiting to adopt. We can help you choose a good home for your baby. You can be as involved as you wish in choosing your adoptive family. You can see some of our waiting families here:

  • Most adoptions are open adoptions. You can stay in touch with adoptive parents and receive information about your baby.

  • You may need financial assistance and support. We can help you meet financial needs during your pregnancy.

  • We will work with our adoption lawyers to take care of the legal issues of your adoption.

  • We will also help support you through the emotional aspects of your pregnancy. You won’t be alone.

  • An AOW social worker will be happy to meet with you at our Madison office or any other location convenient to you and where you feel comfortable. Our social workers travel all over Wisconsin helping expectant parents. You are welcome to have others at the meeting to support you, or it can be completely private.

  • Most important: We will listen to you.

 Our agency:

  • Adoptions of Wisconsin (“AOW”) is an independent agency licensed by the State of Wisconsin. We are not affiliated with any religion and do not discriminate based on age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, fertility status or citizenship status. AOW has been helping expectant parents and adoptive parents, without judgment, since 2002.

  • Our adoption services are free for expectant parents, even if you are not sure what choice you want to make.

  • All communication with AOW is confidential; we understand and respect your desire for and right to privacy.

  • We carefully follow Wisconsin’s adoption laws. To learn about the legal aspects of adoption, read more at The Law Center S.C.

  • We care about you.

 We want to hear from you:

Call us: 608-821-8220 or 866-ADOPTWI (866-236-7894)

  • During business hours, an AOW social worker will be available to talk to you. If you get voicemail or are calling after hours, please:

Email us:

Message (and like!) us on Facebook: Adoptions of Wisconsin, Inc. (We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of Facebook messages.)