Claire Schulz Bergman Executive Director, Adoption Social Worker

Claire Schulz Bergman
Executive Director, Adoption Social Worker

My name is Claire and I have been working for Adoptions of Wisconsin since 2005 first as an adoption social worker and then in 2010, I added the tasks of the Executive Director. Prior to working at Adoptions of Wisconsin, Inc. I worked in the field of medical social work in both hospital (Meriter Hospital Birthing Center and UW Hospital Infectious Disease Clinic) and community settings (AIDS Network). I received my Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1998 and shortly after received my license in clinic social work in the State of Wisconsin and recently added a certification in grief counseling. I enjoy working with birth and adoptive families in creating a mindful adoption plan that best fits the needs of all individuals. Adoption has been some of the most enjoyable work I have done throughout my career and I feel privileged to be involved in such an important time in the lives of our families. I am passionate about helping people build their families through adoption as I was raised with two adopted siblings (and am a proud aunt of my nephew) and am thankful for the gift of adoption everyday.

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, I have lived in Wisconsin for over twenty years and enjoy calling Madison home. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband, two children and dog (who can often be seen sleeping under my desk in the office). If I’m not in the office, I can usually be found doing other things that feed my soul such as teaching a spin class, running, biking or practicing yoga.


Megan Vickers advanced adoption social worker

Megan Vickers
advanced adoption social worker

My name is Megan and I have been with Adoptions of Wisconsin, Inc., (AOW) since 2011. I started as an administrative assistant and was then hired as an adoption social worker after completing my undergraduate degree and receiving my license as a Certified Social Worker. I recently received a certificate as a Grief Support Specialist and will be graduating In May 2020 with my Master’s of Social Work (MSW) degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Here at AOW I conduct home studies and screenings for adoptive parents and work closely with them to ensure they are ready and prepared for all that comes with being an adoptive parent. In addition, I provide guidance and options counseling to expectant parents who are considering adoption for their child. Working with birth parents and adoptive parents comes with challenges and rewards but it is the best part of my job. I love seeing the relationships that are created along the way and I am grateful to be able to support birth parents while they make a decision that they feel is best for them and their child. Working for AOW has been an amazing experience and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the lives of the individuals and families I work with.

I was born and raised in a small town in West Virginia and moved to Wisconsin in 2010. I love Madison and am happy to say it finally feels like home. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, running, hiking and rock climbing, practicing yoga and spending time with my husband and our two dogs.


Hollie blum Adoption social worker

Hollie blum
Adoption social worker

Hello! My name is Hollie and I have been with Adoptions of Wisconsin Inc. since January 2017. I was promoted to the position of Adoption Social Worker in August of 2018 after working for a year and a half as the Administrative Assistant. I work with expectant birth parents and adoptive parents providing counseling, conducting screenings and writing up lots of paperwork! I love the work I’m doing now!

I graduated from Lakeland University in December of 2016 with my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, and came to AOW originally because of my interest in adoption law. I have since decided to pursue my Master's degree in Social Work and have discovered a love for assisting others in the child welfare and mental health fields. I began my first year in my Master’s program at UW-Madison in the fall of 2018. I am so happy to be a part of this organization because it’s a great way to start my career, I have great co-workers and I feel fully supported to chase my dreams.

I have lived in Wisconsin all my life and grew up in a small town near Madison. I am the oldest of 8 children in my family and enjoy visiting with my parents and playing with my siblings as often as I can. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, cooking and baking, and spending time with my family and friends.


demitra adams office manager

demitra adams
office manager

My name is Demitra and I have been with Adoptions of Wisconsin, Inc. since August 2019 as the Office Manager. I support the agency social workers to ensure our families have the best experience possible when considering adoption as an option in family planning. I also support and assist adoptive parents, step parents and relatives throughout the adoption process through consistent communication vial email and phone calls.

I attended the University of Phoenix in pursuit of my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. About three quarters of the way through my degree program, I decided to take a break and refocus my efforts on a career choice that made me feel good inside and out. After spending seven years in the healthcare industry, I finally realized that my true passion is in working with and helping people achieve goals and become the best versions of themselves! I am especially passionate about children and I believe in strong family bonds. I feel that all children deserve a chance to live a happy and fulfilled life, and I am dedicated to assisting our families in that process.

I was originally born in Illinois, but I moved to Wisconsin with my family at the age of four; I have lived in Madison now for over 25 years. My father and mother moved to Arizona a few years ago, so I go visit them annually to escape the Wisconsin winters! I have one older brother and quite a few cousins; I also have a small group of friends who have become more like family over the years. I enjoy working with my neighborhood community center youth by mentoring and tutoring. I also love traveling, retail therapy, cooking and reading when I am not at work. Lastly, I am a self-proclaimed poet and I enjoy performing original pieces as often as I can find a stage to perform on! Now that I have joined the Adoptions of Wisconsin family, I have an overwhelming daily rush of joy and new sense of fulfilled purpose in my life journey.