The View From Court With AOW : The High Point of the Judge’s Day

The View From Court With AOW  The High Point of the Judges Day.1.jpeg

Attorney Lynn Bodi and Executive Director Claire Schulz Bergman got to appear in court with a birth mother in another county, recently. It was one of the nicest hearings we’ve been to. This birth mother had made an adoption plan for her son. She was very clear in what she wanted for him. The hearing was lovely and the birth mother’s mother was also there to support her. At the hearing, the judge thanked everyone in the room for being the high point of his day.

We’re always interested in what people think of the court proceedings. After the hearing, Lynn had the opportunity to ask the birth mother a few questions about the experience:


Q) What did you find the most surprising about court?

A) There was really nothing that surprising. I felt like I was really well prepared.


Q) Was any part of court scary for you?

A) Just talking in public. [Her mom then pointed out that she’s a little shy.] But I knew what you were going to ask me. All of the information made sense.


Entering a courtroom can often seem daunting. At Adoptions of Wisconsin, we take pride in helping everyone involved in an adoption feel comfortable and well prepared.