Not Enough Words - Birth Mom Poem

Not Enough Words - Birth Mom Poem.1.jpg

A birth mom poem written by an AOW birth mom:

Not Enough Words


My heart stopped the first time I heard yours beat,

You have no clue my love, how many struggles we over came

It was a great feat.

You gave me courage and hope when I had none,

Everything that I can claim,

You helped me over come!

At night I’d sing to you and you’d sing back,

The prayers I couldn’t pray,

You held the faith that I lacked.

Maybe you were my Guardian Angel, my Shepard through the dark and the pain,

I don’t think I’ll ever lose you,

Inside of me you’ll always remain.

I may not get to see you grow or see your first step,

I may not come to birthdays or be there when you’re upset,

However, my heart and mind and spirit will be with you every single day

Just like I was guiding you in every single way.

The hardest thing I ever did was having to give you away

And the second hardest thing was not being able to tell you all I had to say.

I will always love you.