Winter 2014 | Adoptions of Wisconsin

Winter 2014

Hello AOW Families-

Welcome to our Winter Newsletter.  We are trying a new format for updating you on all that is happening at AOW…and there has been A LOT happening.  AOW has seen a significant upswing in the number of birth parents calling the agency and we couldn’t be happier about it!  It’s been an incredible experience as we put forth a lot of dedicated time and effort into revamping our birth parent outreach for 2014.    On that same note the more birth parents who contact the agency the more time Claire and Jenny dedicate to meeting the needs of birth parents.  We ask for your understanding if we are delayed in responding to emails and phone calls.  Each phone call and email is important and please continue to feel confident and comfortable in contacting us for any and all questions/concerns you may have.  We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner but if we don’t you can be assured it is for no other reason than we are focused on meeting a birth parent’s needs.

Beginning mid-January the marketing company, With Gusto (, began implementing a Facebook marketing campaign on our behalf.  They have also been helping us with ways to improve our in-house marketing.  Their expertise has helped transform the way we conduct outreach to birth parents and we are very grateful for the results we are seeing.  After the Facebook campaign has a solid foundation we will be looking at other social media outlets and print sources to see how we can best spread the message about Adoptions of Wisconsin.  With that being said, we encourage you to “like” or share of our Facebook posts and photos.  The more “likes” and shares we receive on our posts and photos the larger our audience becomes and the likelihood a birth parent comes across our agency info rises significantly.  We appreciate any and all help we can get with reaching out to birth parents.

As some of you may have noticed we have been posting photo albums and links to specific waiting families on Facebook.  Over time each family will be featured on Facebook.  We have started with the families who have been waiting the longest and will work to feature each family on Facebook.  (Most likely each family will be featured several times so keep snapping photos that we can use for the posts!)  We will also be creating a welcome post for all of the new families who have joined our waiting families page.  Know that regardless of Facebook or our website your profile will be shown to birth mothers whose situations you are open to.

We encourage you to create your own Facebook adoption page if you haven’t already.  You can create posts on your personal pages and tag AOW or share AOW’s posts on your adoption Facebook page.  You are welcome to post a link to your waiting families page on our site too.  You can find examples of adoption Facebook pages by looking at our other waiting families.  The best way to get the word out is to ask your friends and family to like your page and your posts.  Please contact us with any questions regarding this.

Megan has taken on a dual role at AOW.  In addition to her role as administrative assistant she is also completing her social work internship—the last step before she becomes a licensed social worker.  As part of her internship Megan will be coordinating the next AOW Waiting Families group at the Firefly in Oregon, WI.  She will be contacting you soon about this event.

Warm regards,

Adoptions of Wisconsin