Adoption agency vs adoption facilitator | Adoptions of Wisconsin

What is the difference between an adoption agency and an adoption facilitator?

In Wisconsin, an adoption agency is licensed by the State of Wisconsin as a “child-placing agency” and is supervised by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to insure the agency is adhering to all applicable rules, laws and administrative code. Adoption agencies are subject to strict standards and agency staff are required to have specific education and experience. Adoption agencies are strictly regulated by the State of Wisconsin and are subject to audits and reviews on frequent regular basis.

In contrast, adoption facilitators are unlicensed and unregulated persons or organizations who provide advertising services to prospective birth parents and adoptive parents for the purpose of arranging for the placement of a child. There is no regulation for adoption facilitators which means there is no means to verify if the facilitator is acting in an ethical manner, adhering to state laws or being truthful with prospective birth and adoptive parents. Facilitators are illegal in Wisconsin. Arranging for the placement of a child by an unlicensed person or agency for money is a felony.