What to ask prospective adoptive parents | Adoptions of Wiscosin

What do I ask prospective adoptive parents when I meet them?

adoption first meetingYou’re nervous. They are nervous. Both birth parents and adoptive parents get excited and anxious about meeting for the first time. Your AOW social worker will be with you during the first meeting as a person of support for you. You can also bring along a friend or family member as a support system too. We want you to feel informed, empowered and supported during this important time.

At AOW, we help both sets of parents  prepare for their first meeting with each other. AOW encourages birth parents and adoptive parents to create a life long relationship based on mutual respect, honesty and trust. We want you to feel comfortable asking prospective adoptive parents the questions you want and need answered before you make your adoption plan. Below are some questions to help you create your own list of topics that are important to you and would like to know about prospective adoptive parents:

  • What are your hopes and dreams for your child(ren)?
  • How will you talk about adoption and your family formation to your child(ren)?
  • What are you hoping for from our from our relationship after the baby is born?
  • What type of contact do you want to have and how often will we be in contact after the baby is born?
  • Will my baby have a sibling?
  • What are your views regarding religion and/or faith life?
  • What does your community look like?
  • What does a normal week in your family look like?