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Julie and Tom

Tom and Julie cakes

Hello and thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents. We are Julie and Tom. We promise to provide a house filled with fun and laughter, love and nurturing, adventure and honesty.

We met during a course while Julie was living in Colorado and Tom was in Wisconsin with his three kids. Our first date was a three day backpacking trip. Almost 5 years ago, Julie moved to Wisconsin and we got married. Julie instantly became a step-mom to three teenagers. Now,  Tom’s older two children are in college, and the youngest, Delaney, is sixteen and lives with us half-time. As a family we love to play card games, watch movies, and go on trips. Some of our favorite dinners are homemade pizza and pasta. We have two dogs, Murphy and Molly, who love kids.

We are described as active, fun, and friendly. We are lucky to have a house overlooking a lake and many great trails and parks to explore nearby. While we go on a lot of adventures, we are still awaiting our biggest- raising a child together.

Julie has had an interesting career teaching leadership and outdoor skills through wilderness trips up to 65 days long.  Her life has been spent working with youth and while she has made significant impacts on the lives of many children she has always wanted to be a mom herself.   Julie is a great step-mom to Tom’s kids and has brought a lot to the family. Tom has had a successful career in finance. He has a lot of flexibily with his job and has always prioritized being an active and present with the kids. He loves being a dad and is looking forward to the opportunity to raise a child with Julie.

While it took awhile to find each other, we are both looking forward to sharing our love and strengths. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If we interest you, please know that we are excited to talk to you about what your dreams and goals are for your baby. We would like to build a foundation starting with trust and openness, creating the best environment for all to thrive.

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