AOW's step-parent adoption services have expanded with Wisconsin's recognition of marriage equality. AOW is now able to offer step-parent adoption services to all married couples in Wisconsin. A step-parent adoption helps you secure legal, equal rights for your family.

The process of a step-parent adoption usually involves four steps: the termination of parental rights (only if applicable), the petition to adopt, the step-parent screening and the adoption.  Adoptions of Wisconsin (AOW) is able to conduct the step-parent screening portion of the adoption process.  It may be helpful to contact the county you live in or an attorney to assist you with the remainder of the process.

The step-parent screening will involve an interview with both spouses with a focus on the spouse/parent who is applying to adopt.  AOW conducts background checks and requests other documents such as letters of reference and up-to-date medical records for all members of the household.  The screening interview usually takes about two hours and is conducted in the home of the applicant.