Sherrey and Mia | Adoptions of Wisconsin

Sherrey and Mia

 Adopting my beautiful daughter Mia has been the biggest blessing and miracle of my life.  I truly feel God placed her into my arms to be mine forever.  She completed our family- but more than that she completed my heart, my spirit, and my very reason for living.  She fills places I didn’t even know existed and brings me an overwhelming joy I have never experienced.  I was meant to be Mia’s mother which leaves me humbled and blessed beyond measure.

There were so many incredible people involved in this process- the birth parents first and foremost.  Mia’s birth mother, Paige, opened her heart and soul to “entrust” Mia into my care.  She was never “given away” and she will always be a part of her birth parents.  Mia has a beautiful story that begins with so many people loving her- loving her enough to do what is best for her.  Two self-less people brought together by fate are now in my family forever.  Not everyone’s story is the same because each adoption story is unique.  And sometimes the story you think you’re apart of will have a completely different ending- which is why I am so incredibly thankful to the wonderful, caring, and supportive team at Adoptions of Wisconsin.

The adoption path can be scary- with unexpected emotions (from elation to possible devastation), challenges (on both sides as you navigate the path with the birth family and your own family), fears (both rational and even more so the irrational fears), and being forced to move forward in faith not knowing where you’ll end up.  Claire was our social worker, and I’m proud to say she is now my friend and confidant.  She talked me off many a ledge and was always honest, compassionate, and sincere.  She helped build the bridge between our family and the birth parents.  She helped navigate the many twist and turns making sure everyone involved did what was in the best interest of Mia.  She was our angel.  Adoptions of Wisconsin is an invaluable organization which truly cares about building families and relationships with those they help.  I thank God every single day for Mia and for all the wonderful people of AOW.  Thanks to them- I am complete.”