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Sent to Adoptions of Wisconsin from a Birth Mother

adoptionThere are 10 things every birthmother thinks about, wishes for, and hopes for when placing their child for adoption. They are:

1. I did not place my child because he was “unwanted” I wanted him so much that I continued a pregnancy filled with unanswered questions.

2. I chose adoption because I loved my child. This parental love allowed me to put his needs before my own when making my choice.

3.This choice affected more than just me. he has a Grandmother, a Grandfather, and Aunts and Uncles who love him as well, and he will be missed.

4. I wish for the day I can look into my child’s eyes and tell him I love him one more time.

5. I hope that you will teach my child about his beginnings – about where he was born and who I am.

6. I hope you will teach respect to my child by showing respect for me in your discussions.

7. I wish I could be there to answer my child’s questions about adoption, but I trust you to answer them truthfully as best you can.

8. I will never stop thinking about my child. he will always be a part of who I am.

9. I would never try to disrupt my child’s new family with you. I put too much emotion and suffering into making this choice to allow anything to disrupt it – including me.

10. In my eyes, you will always be my child’s Mom and Dad. And that thought brings me happiness.

As birthmothers, we take our short time with our child very seriously, and it affects us the rest of our lives. We place that final kiss on our baby’s forehead and pass them forward to your waiting arms because we know you will be taking it very seriously too..