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Profile Resources

ourchosenchildOur Chosen Child, LLC was founded six years ago to assist hopeful adoptive parents in the process of creating outreach materials including profiles, websites and pass-out cards. Currently Our Chosen Child is staffed by three extraordinary talented graphic designers and led by Joanna Ivey, an adoptive mom and adoptee.

Our philosophy is simple. Every client has a story to tell, and for every client there is one special birthparent that will be drawn to their story. We help clients understand themselves – baggage and all- in a way that is positive, honest and uplifting and then work together to tell their story in a way that resonates with birthparents. Not only do we create beautiful profiles, we work with clients from the very beginning of the process with text development, photo selection and design consultation. Please view our website to see 16 full profile samples and learn a little about our process.