Patrick and Scott | Adoptions of Wisconsin

Patrick and Scott

We both come from awesome loving families that gave us solid foundations upon which to grow.  We now want to give that same love and support to your child.  Our pictures show a small portion of who we are and what we value, so we hope you ask more questions.

Scott is from Virginia and Patrick is from Wisconsin.  We met in Washington, DC where we currently live and work.  We were married in 2015, and are fortunate to have a nice home in a great school district, and even a second weekend home on the water.

Scott is an architect/developer, while Patrick is an Attorney.  As owners of our own businesses, we have flexible work schedules to help in raising a child.  We are active, loving, and compassionate, and hope to share these traits by expanding our family through adoption.  We do not take ourselves too seriously, though, as we feel laughter is an essential part of life.  We have a healthy lifestyle, value religion, and enjoy sports, music, art, and spending as much time with our families as possible.

We return to Wisconsin many times a year for holidays, birthdays, graduations and vacations.  We welcome an open adoption and hope our frequent visits provide us and your child the opportunity to know you.