Nick, Ben, Sawyer and Harrison | Adoptions of Wisconsin

Nick, Ben, Sawyer and Harrison

As soon as our first child, Sawyer, was walking we knew we wanted to add to our family through adoption again. Sawyer had brought so much to our lives and we wanted to experience that again. We also wanted Sawyer to have a sibling since we both have siblings ourselves and love the relationships and dynamics that multiple siblings can bring.

We decided to use Adoptions of Wisconsin again because Sawyer’s adoption through them went so smoothly and they showed professionalism at all times to both us and Sawyer’s birth parents. Nick and I expected the next adoption to mimic or mirror Sawyer’s. We could not have been more wrong. Harrison’s adoption went very differently than Sawyer’s did in almost every possible way. It was not better or worse just different. That is one thing that all adoptive parents need to know: all adoption stories are unique and different and beautiful at the same time.

With Sawyer we were picked within two months of being on the waiting list. However, with Harrison we were on the waiting list almost a year before transferring to the active list and then waited another 4 months to receive the call. Those 16 or so months were difficult to handle at first because with Sawyer we didn’t wait at all. Nick and I didn’t know how to wait. We wanted our second child now. Adoptions don’t work that way. They work when and if they are supposed to. In the interim, we learned to live our lives and enjoy time with Sawyer. It was not easy but we learned to appreciate our time as a family of three before dear sweet Harrison came into our lives.

With Sawyer, we knew about three months before he was born and had time to prepare. With Harrison we got a phone call saying that he had been born and his birth family wanted to meet us.  We met them a few days later and picked up Harrison the day after they picked us. We had exactly 17 hours from the time they picked us to prepare for a second child. It was the craziest, most exciting time of our lives along with the birth of Sawyer.

Nick and I would not have it any other way. It’s the way we were supposed to have Harrison. He has brought so much love and excitement to our lives. He fits in perfectly. People always comment that Sawyer looks like Ben and that Harrison looks like Nick. Maybe that is true, but what is true is that we all love one another and are truly and utterly grateful that adoption made all of this possible.