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Mindfulness Monday

In recognition of the holidays coming up, we’re starting a new tradition called “Mindfulness Monday.” Each week we’ll bring you a few tips to help you live mindfully and live your best life.

Here are today’s tips:

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1: Express Your Thankfulness

Take the time to tell someone in your life how much they mean to you! While you probably feel that way every day, you might not tell them enough. They’re guaranteed to appreciate that you took the time to tell them, and you’ll both feel a little bit happier out of that act.

Try to help others with their problems. By helping others and giving back, your own problems can be put into perspective with those of others, and your actions will bring more joy into the world.

2: Eat Well, Even If It’s Harder

We get it. Some days you’re exhausted and running out of gas, so you don’t feel like making yourself food. Try meal prepping and having something ready for you in the fridge so that you’re not so tempted by takeout. Eating well and eating consistently are two surefire ways to feel better and more energetic.

3: Make Time For Friends, Without Having to Make Time For Friends

We all feel the burnout of having to make plans outside of your daily routine just so that you can spend time with friends. Instead of making plans outside of your schedule, try to include your friends in your daily routine. Invite them for a walk with you, to get coffee before work, or lunch if they’re in the area. These kinds of hangouts allow you to invite your friends to be more involved in your daily life, without disrupting it or creating added stresses in your already hectic day.

4: Do Something Small To Improve Your Living Space

You don’t have to be a DIY master to get the satisfaction of doing your own home improvement. Do you have a door that always makes noise when you open it? pick up some lubricant and spend five minutes greasing the hinges instead of just putting up with it. It won’t take much time at all out of your day, and you’ll be a lot happier, confident, and relaxed with just a little bit of effort.

Thanks for reading Mindfulness Monday, and stay tuned for next week’s post!