Mindfulness Monday: Part 6 | Adoptions of Wisconsin

Mindfulness Monday: Part 6

Hello everyone, and happy Mindfulness Monday. To help start out your week right, we’re going to talk about “morning mindfulness” this week. “Morning mindfulness” is all about how you wake up in the morning, and making sure that you wake up on the right side of the bed everyday.

#1: Start With Water, Not Coffee

Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to stop drinking coffee! We all know how nice it is to start your day with a hot cup of coffee. That cup of coffee shouldn’t be the first fluids that you consume in the morning, however. Your body is dehydrated from the night, and coffee or tea don’t rehydrate you as well as plain old water does. Once you’ve had your glass of water, your cup of coffee will taste even better!


#2: Consider Your Alarm

Do you use a loud or annoying alarm to wake you up in the morning? Consider how that impacts the rest of your day. Instead of a blaring klaxon or other jarring sound to wake you up, think about something less abrasive. The sounds you hear early in the morning impact how you approach your day, and if you wake up more comfortably, you’re going to have a better day over all.


#3: Make a Moment for Nature

Whether it’s a 5 mile walk or simply listening to the birds sing, taking time to contemplate and focus on the natural world around you helps to center you and give you a good mindset to approach the day with. A good rule of thumb is that reflection on nature never hurts!

Have a great week everyone, and happy Monday!