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Mindfulness Monday: Part 5 Social Mindfulness

Hello everyone and happy Monday! Today for for Mindfulness Monday we’re going to focus on the idea of social mindfulness. I’m sure that without even thinking about it, all of our readers have practiced it at some point or another, especially considering that midwesterners have a well earned reputation for politeness and hospitality.

Imagine that two friends walk into a store to buy cupcakes. There are only three left, 2 chocolate cupcakes and one vanilla-chocolate chip. The first friend to order chooses to order chocolate chip, which means that when the second friend got to order, they were able to choose between chocolate and chocolate chip as well, instead of having their choices limited.

The gesture that the first friend makes by allowing their friend to chose which cupcake they wanted is small and easy to make, and at the end of the day both friends still got to enjoy a cupcake together. Even if they didn’t consciously notice their friend’s small gesture, they went home that day slightly happier than they would have.

Social mindfulness is doing little things like the first friend did in the cupcake scenario whenever you can, and hopefully making yourself and others feel better! Have a great week this week everyone.


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