Mindfulness Monday: Part 4 | Adoptions of Wisconsin

Mindfulness Monday: Part 4

Hi everyone, and welcome to the newest installment of our Mindfulness Monday series. All of us here at Adoptions of Wisconsin hope that you had a relaxing and happy holiday season.

When winter rolls around, snow starts to fall, and temperature drops, sometimes it’s hard to remain motivated and energized. Fortunately, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you out!

1: Try to avoid eating or drinking too much sugar, as hard as that may be!

During the winter months, there’s often times nothing more enticing than curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket. If you’re trying to stay energized though, this might not be the best idea! The sugar will give you an energy boost, but then just as quickly you’ll crash, and it’ll be even more difficult to stay motivated and energized than it was before.

2: Make time to go outside

When it’s cold outside, it’s hard to get out when it’s much easier to stay in and stay warm. The problem is that that the human body needs sunlight to function optimally, which is a little difficult when it’s 0 degrees outside! Dress in layers so that you don’t sweat to much and can stay comfortable, and try to make time to take a short walk outside every day. You’ll feel better and sleep better when you add sunlight to your daily diet!

3: Avoid too much screen time after sundown, and try to get to sleep at a regular time

When the sun sets early, you start using your screens to provide more light than you’re used to. Try to limit your screen time, because the light temperature of your screen imitates the sun and keeps you awake. If you absolutely need to use a screen, you can use things like “day night shift” on the iPhone. These temperature shifts make the color of your screen warmer, which allows you to fall asleep easier when you need to.


Go outside more, eat less sugar, sleep better, and you’re guaranteed to feel better and more engaged in no time!


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