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Mindfulness Monday, Part 2!

Welcome back and happy Monday everyone! It’s a week closer to the holidays, which means that it’s time for part two of our Mindfulness Monday series. Here are this weeks mindfulness tips!

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1: Pick Up A Low Cost, Creative Hobby

Hobbies don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to be difficult to keep up with. Interested in photography? Most modern smartphones are more than capable of taking decent photos and practicing composition, which means that if you have a smartphone you can dip your toes into the water without spending serious cash.

If photography isn’t your speed, sketching and painting are wonderful, low cost art options that let you create beautiful pieces yourself without spending much money on supplies. Chances are you’ve got a pen and some paper around the house already!

The only limit on creative hobbies is your creativity, so go for it!

2: Stay Hydrated

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle with you when you go out and about during the day. When you drink enough water you keep properly hydrated you feel more energetic, less hungry, retain less water, and have a healthier immune system! That’s a lot of good that you can get from just bringing enough water with you during the day.

Drinking more water also keeps your kidneys healthier, and reduces hunger and soda cravings. So if you’re trying to lose weight or get healthier, more water is key!

3: Reduce Your Non-Biodegradable Waste

We’ve only got one planet to live on, so it’s vital that we all do our part to reduce the waste that we produce. Using products like reusable grocery bags, your own water bottle instead of plastic disposables, and cloth towels instead of paper ones can all help reduce the amount of pollutants that you put into the environment. At the end of the day, you’ll help yourself and help others, which makes everyone feel good!

Thanks for reading this weeks Mindfulness Monday post! Stay tuned for another one next week. If you want to read last weeks article, click here

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