Lisa | Adoptions of Wisconsin


Hi there! My name is Lisa and I am very excited for the opportunity to open my heart and my home to a child.  I come from a large and close family, starting with my 4 siblings, niece, and nephews. I’ve been hoping for a long time to have a child of my own. I am single and financially secure with a balanced work and home life. I look forward to adding “Mom” to that description!

I love spending time with my niece and nephews and we see each other frequently. Love and laughter would be two words to describe our family; we have lots of both. In my free time, I spend time with friends, read, quilt and sew. In the spring and summer, try my hand at planting flowers around the house (with mixed success).  I also enjoy travelling, usually with friends or family, to see and experience new places.

My mother is thrilled to be “Grandma Nita” and shares her love of playing the organ with the grandkids! The kids love trying their hand at the keys and dancing to the music.

I am excited for both the challenges and the joys that having a child will bring. I believe in creating a stable and loving home life, with family dinners and weekends spent together or with other members of my family. I can’t wait to spend time reading to my child and sharing my love of books.  I have a great backyard, with room for a swing-set, so that my child can enjoy running and playing outside. In addition, there are 2 parks very close-by. I believe in establishing routine but knowing when to be flexible. I know that I will have some challenges as a single parent, and I have given much thought to those and determined ways to prepare for and handle them. Children are prized and welcomed by my entire family, and adoption is not new to us. Two of my first cousins have added to their family through adoption.

I look forward to meeting with you!


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