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After your baby is born, an Adoptions of Wisconsin attorney or your attorney will petition the court for a hearing. A hearing will usually be scheduled for no later than 30 days after the petition is received by the court. Before the court hearing, you continue to hold all of your legal rights to your child, including your right to parent.

This time period is very important; it allows you time to review all options and make sure that an adoption plan continues to be the right choice.  During this time, you may see the baby anytime and you can decide where the child will stay. Your social worker will help you sort through all these decisions.

At your court hearing, which is not open to the public, you will be asked questions about your desire to consent to the termination of your parental rights (TPR) to your child in order to place him or her for adoption. The hearing is very important and legally necessary for adoption to occur.  Once the court has accepted your voluntary consent, and your parental rights have been terminated, you no longer have legal rights to your child and the child is adopted by the family of your choice.