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Adoptions of Wisconsin, Inc., (AOW) was founded in 2001 by three experienced adoption attorneys who wanted to legally and ethically handle adoptions, with a focus on the child’s needs.  We are a full service licensed adoption agency which means we are licensed to provide support and counseling services to expecting and adoptive parents. AOW staff is comprised of passionate, skilled social workers who are well-versed in helping expecting and adoptive parents create healthy life-long relationships based on open communication, honesty and trust. AOW provides services throughout the state and can also assist with interstate adoption. We also provide step-parent, relative and LGBT adoption services.

AOW staff believe expecting parents should feel empowered to choose the type of family they feel most comfortable creating an adoption plan with. Because of this we are not affiliated with any religion and do not discriminate based on age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or fertility status. AOW openly welcomes all families.

Whether you are looking to adopt a child, or are an expecting parent looking at adoption as an option for your baby, we are here to help you ethically handle adoption no matter the circumstances. We can talk over the phone, text, email or meet face-to-face. Our experienced staff travels throughout the state to support, talk and listen to birth parents and adoptive families.  We are accessible, easy to talk to and here for you when you need us.

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