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Kirsten, Peder & Owen

We had always considered adoption as a way to build our family. In the summer of 2014, we started considering this more strongly and began researching adoption agencies. As soon as we read through Adoption of Wisconsin’s (AOW) website, we felt that it was the right fit for us. Meeting with our social worker, Megan, further confirmed this for us. We started our adoption education, working on our home study, and waiting. By the end of April 2015, we were officially in the active program and just waiting to be matched with the right family.

We first heard about our son, Owen, in August of this year. We had just started to recover from the devastation of a “failed” match. We had been matched with a lovely birth mom who decided to parent her baby prior to the baby’s delivery. We were thankful she was able to make this decision and do what was right for her and her family. But, of course, we were just crushed that our potential family was now gone.

As soon as we started to hear about Owen, we knew this sounded like a good fit. He was eight months old at that time and had been cared for by his birth mother, birth grandparents, and a family friend. We kept hearing about how sweet and funny he was–easy to smile and laugh. We met with three of his birth grandparents and his birth father first. We felt a nice connection with all of them. A couple of weeks later, we were able to meet his birth mother. We loved her right away, but were nervous as we knew she would be making a decision about who would raise her child within the next 24 hours. We couldn’t imagine all that she was thinking and feeling.

We waited at home together to hear the news. We knew if we were matched, that Owen would be coming home with us within a few days. So, we cleaned and baby proofed and prepared for a baby who may or may not come. Then Megan called. We had been chosen. Over the next few days, we made plans for Owen to come home. We were able to meet him two days prior to his homecoming. He was everything that everyone said he was. He is curious, smart, and funny. He laughs at himself. He explores and is always on the go. He is perfect.

Owen has been home for five weeks now. The three of us could not be happier. It has been amazing to watch him grow and thrive. He is home. We are family. We have had several visits with his birth family, including his birth parents and grandparents. We all text and share pictures and stories. Our family has met him and instantly fallen in love with him.

We knew the adoption process would have highs and lows. We knew we would learn more about life and love. Adoption has been an amazing experience.

Kirsten and Peder