Keith and Johannes | Adoptions of Wisconsin

Keith and Johannes

We’re Keith and Johannes,

keithjohannesthumbjpegThank you for considering us as adoptive parents. We met when we were in our early twenties,
we’ve been together for seventeen years, and we’re still completely in love with each other. We
also knew from the very beginning of our relationship that we wanted to raise a child.

Keith is from Chicagoland, and Johannes was born in Germany and grew up in Canada.
Together we’ve lived in New York and California, but we’re happy to have found a home and a
wonderful community of friends in Wisconsin. We’re both artists and teachers, and with the love
and support of our families and each other, we’ve been fortunate to turn our passions into
careers. Our lives have already been full of wonder and adventures, and we’re ready to share
our home and our love with a child.

We will do everything to nurture, protect, guide, and support our child to have a healthy and
joyful childhood that is rich in experiences, and to grow into a happy, kind and loving adult. If
adoption is the right choice for you, and you think we would be the right family to care for your
child, please take a look at our profile.