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Katie and Jake

Hello! Thank you for reading a little about our story and considering us as potential adoptive parents! Our names are Katie and Jake, and we live in the beautiful lakeside community of Monona, Wisconsin. After six years of marriage and eleven years together as a couple, we are very proud of the amazing life we have built. We are more than ready to open our hearts to a child through adoption!

Family is central to our happiness as a couple, and we are beyond fortunate to have very close relationships with our parents, siblings, and extended family members. Katie has worked as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher at a public elementary school for over 5 years and loves her job! It doesn’t hurt that she is home during the summers and over breaks, a precious time that she hopes to devote to her future child. Jake works in politics and has been involved in several high profile campaigns over the years. On our days off, you can find us enjoying the great outdoors with our two-year old dog Hildy, visiting family, going to the farmer’s market to plan healthy recipes, biking around the lakes, eating dinner with friends, watching a sporting event, or walking around one of our favorite Madison neighborhoods. With access to so many excellent parks, athletic events, museums, and schools, we look forward to spending quality time with our little one someday!

Over the years, our marriage, friendships and family relationships have fully prepared us to welcome a child into our home. We have two young nephews (ages 1 and 2) who we visit regularly, and they have brought so much joy into our lives. Having children has always been in our plans, and we are beyond prepared to build our family through adoption.

Thank you for making the decision to plan for an open adoption, which we believe to be the best way for our child to understand who they are and where they come from. We recognize the magnitude of this decision, and would like to extend our support to you during this time. We welcome any questions you may have, big or small. Thank you for considering us and we look forward to the opportunity to meet you! Please visit our profile below to learn more about us.

– Katie and Jake

*Katie and Jake are currently matched.*