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Josh and Stefani

 Howdy—We are Josh & Stef.  We would like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us. But first, let us begin by saying that we admire the love, strength and selflessness that you are showing for your child in considering an adoption plan. Whatever path you choose for your family, please know, we wish you all the best. We believe that love makes a family and we are looking to share our love and lives with a child. We always dreamed of having a family through adoption and hopefully that dream of being parents to an amazing child will become a reality. We are over the moon excited (and nervous) to share this journey with you.

We have been married for almost eleven years and driving each other crazy for going on 18 years. We have had a great time together and have made many wonderful memories that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. While we have had an amazing life together; we have always known that there was something, or should I say someone, missing from our lives. So far, we have had the honor of being auntie and uncle to two wonderful nieces and an awesome nephew. They have already begun to show us what we will be like as parents, and the love that we have received from them only confirms that becoming parents is going to be the best decision we will ever make.

Having a family is something that we have always dreamed of. Even though it may not be through traditional means; this process will be just as special. It will be just as special because we get to share this journey with someone who is one of the most selfless and courageous people we will ever get to meet-you.

Thanks for spending a couple of minutes getting to know us. There are still so many questions, right? Who are these crazy people? How did they meet? What kind of parents do they want to be? Could we be a perfect match for each other?   Are you intrigued?  We invite you to click on the picture below to  read our letter and get a better glimpse into our world.

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Stef and Josh