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If you are pursuing an adoption through a national agency, or an agency in another state, Adoptions of Wisconsin is able to conduct your Wisconsin home study.  A home study covers subjects such as family history, health, employment history, background checks and placement considerations.  During your home study your social worker will assist and support you in exploring issues you may wish to consider regarding adoption.

All required paperwork and background checks must be completed and returned to Adoptions of Wisconsin prior to the commencement of the home study. A home study consists of at least three visits with your social worker. If you live within a two hour radius of Madison all three visits will be in your home. If you live two hours outside of Madison, at least two visits will be in your home and the third will be in our office. The social worker is not looking for perfection; she is looking to see that your home is a comfortable, safe and healthy environment for a child. If your social worker notices something of concern and feels the situation can be remedied, you will be made aware and given time to make the necessary changes or adjustments.