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Happy Adoption Day, Clark!

Congratulations to Clark and his parents, Katie and Jake, who finalized Clark’s adoption on June 25, 2018!


Clark was completely at ease during the hearing, which calmed his parent’s nerves. Judge Mitchell presided over the finalization and Katie and Jake reflected that he was incredibly warm and kind to their family.


Clark’s family members traveled from New York City, Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison to be there for his special day. Afterward, everyone enjoyed a late breakfast to celebrate the occasion!

Clark was born on December 18, 2017, so he was just over six months old when his adoption was finalized. He is an extremely happy, smiley boy and is surrounded by the love of his parents and extended family members. At his last post placement visit in June, Katie and Jake reported that Clark loves being in his bouncer, taking baths and being held. He is just starting to sample some solid foods and is meeting all of his developmental milestones.


Thank you, Katie and Jake, for sharing your adoption journey with us! We wish you nothing but the best moving forward and we can’t wait to see updates of Clark a few months from now!


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