All applicants shall have the right of appeal of grievances.  Should a difference arise between an applicant and an AOW staff member, such differences shall be handled in the following manner:

  •  Grievances shall be discussed with the AOW staff member involved.  The applicant(s) and the AOW staff member shall each document the grievance in writing for their own record.
  • If satisfaction is not obtained, normally within two (2) working weeks, the applicant(s) should immediately inform the AOW staff member in writing as to the nature of the grievance and that a conference with the Executive Director is requested.  If the Caseworker is the Executive Director, you may proceed to STEP TWO.
  • The Executive Director will grant a conference with the applicants, including the AOW employee to discuss the complaint and make every attempt to reach a resolution.
  • If, after following the internal procedure, the applicants are not satisfied with the results, they may proceed to STEP TWO of the grievance procedure.


  •  All formal complaints regarding AOW should be filed with the Department of Children and Families (DCF).  DCF will then investigate or determine whether there is cause to investigate each formal complaint.
  • When DCF receives a formal complaint, they may investigate the premises and records and question the agency and staff to the agency.  DHFS will attempt to resolve the situation through negotiation and other appropriate means.
  • If no resolution is reached, DCF shall forward the formal complaint, results of the investigation and any other pertinent information to the unit within the department that is empowered to take further action.

 Requests for appeal information can be made by contacting:

Department of Families and Children

Division of Hearings and Appeals

P.O. Box 7875

4822 Madison Yards Way

Madison, WI 53705