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Foodie Friday Spicy Salsa

Happy Friday everyone! Your regular foodie Friday writer wants to fight the cold with a little heat, so today we’re doing a recipe for easy homemade spicy salsa.


For our spicy salsa, you’ve got a lot of leeway when it comes to veggie ratios, but you will need:




mild bell peppers


jalepeno peppers


Dice everything in separate piles and then starting with the tomatoes in a bowl add small amounts of the other ingredients for taste. We recommend saving the peppers for last so that you’re not surprised by the spice!


Once you’ve mixed all of your ingredients together you can either mash the mixture for a smoother texture, or leave it as it is for a chunkier mix.


Finally, let the salsa sit in your fridge over night to let the flavors set in. When you take it out, just stir and serve!