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The First Month: Love Makes a Family

It has been a wonderful roller coaster of emotions for Heather and Steve over the past month. Early in June they received the phone call that changed their lives – they had been chosen. Not only were they selected by a birth mother to be the adoptive parents of the baby, but they soon found out that he had already been born! They only had a few days to prepare a nursery, inform their families and buy lots of diapers and formula. Visit our first post about Heather, Steve and Ben, Meeting Their Son Was Love at First Sight, in the AOW Family Gallery to read about the original heartwarming story.



One month later, Heather and Steve have been busy adapting to parenthood. They have spent countless hours fine-tuning their parenting skills and sharing in the joy of having a son. Ben celebrated his first holiday with his parents – the Fourth of July! He loved his festive stroller decorations for the parade, and was mesmerized by the pretty lights that lit his stroller at night.  The family of three is excited to begin creating more new traditions as a family.

Heather and Steve are thrilled to have become parents to their adorable baby boy in such a whirlwind experience. No adoption journey is ever without surprises and AOW is glad to have been able to provide support for both the adoptive parents and the birth mother in this situation. As Ben continues to grow and new parenting challenges arise for Heather and Steve, they will be surrounded by love and advice from friends and family. AOW is looking forward to completing our monthly visits with Heather, Steve and Ben during the six-month post placement period.


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