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Too Cute Tuesday: Sweet Ella


Sweet baby Ella is already 5 months old! Today’s Too Cute Tuesday feature is Ella. She was previously celebrated on our website and Facebook for her Adoption Day!

Ella’s birth situation was unique, as it was an interstate-independent adoption. Her birth mother had previously placed her first baby with adoptive parents, Nicole and Dan. After she learned she was pregnant again, she decided that she would love for Ella to be placed with her brother and be raised by Nicole and Dan in the same environment. The adoptive parents decided to match with her, and Ella’s future unfolded quickly. After a whirlwind couple of weeks dealing with paperwork and ICPC processes (the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children), Ella and her family left Wisconsin and returned home. Although the ICPC process is long, it is necessary and provides the same protections and rights to children who are entering and leaving Wisconsin, as those who live in our state.


Today, Ella is doing more wonderful than ever! She just turned five months old on October 16th and her family is cherishing every moment they spend with her. Her mother, Nicole, commented that Ella’s smile lights up her whole face. She is just now sleeping through the night (Nicole and Dan are so glad!) and is learning how to roll over. She’s close to being able to sit up on her own, wobbling just a bit. Her favorite person to see is her big brother. She loves to watch his every move and they are sure to be best friends.


Ella is getting in the spirit of Halloween, ready to celebrate her first of this sweet holiday! We are glad to see Ella’s development as she gets cuter with every passing day.


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