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Too Cute Tuesday: Clea’s Favorite Things

It’s Tuesday again, and even the gloomy clouds and rain in the forecast won’t make these cute photos any less adorable! Our feature this week is on Clea, and we hope she brightens your day!

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Clea was born on April 10, 2017 as a beautiful, healthy baby. Clea’s birth mother thoughtfully considered her options when she found out she was expecting a child and contacted Adoptions of Wisconsin to create an adoption plan. Ultimately, she decided adoption was the best choice, hoping for an open adoption plan with the adoptive family she chose, Keith and Johannes. Clea was placed with her adoptive parents directly after a successful birth and discharge from the hospital.

Today, Clea is a lively, chatty four-month-old who cannot wait to start moving around. She loves doing anything that makes her feel like a “big girl” – standing up tall with help from her dads, chattering away in baby language (Keith and Johannes think she is itching to tell some good jokes!) and sitting up on her own with a little help from the sofa cushions. Clea is always refreshed and in a wonderful mood in the mornings and after her naps. She enjoys her naps so much that she even allows for some dreaded “tummy time” when she wakes up! Another one of her favorite activities is playing in her Exersaucer. It has several fun toys in different colors and shapes that Clea can explore. She spends time playing independently, but loves it most when her dads are cheering her on. Clea’s dad, Keith, gave her her first piggy back ride at a recent family outing and she was absolutely thrilled!

Clea’s adoption will be finalized next month and we will, of course, be documenting the special day. Stay tuned for her Adoption Day story in the future!


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