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Corey and Gretchen

Hi!  We are Corey and Gretchen.  We are excited to be taking this next step in our journey to adopt a child!  We have been so richly blessed with our daughter, Bryndalyn, since we adopted her in 2009 from China.  We want to grow our family and feel that the timing is finally right for us to do that.  We are excited to become parents again and welcome another child into our family.   It also is no secret that Bryndalyn really likes the idea of being a big sister!!!  She has such a natural instinct when it comes to caring for others and our pets.  (Our dog has become the recipient of those “mothering” moments over the years from Bryn.  They are quite the pair!)  We are looking forward to the day when we can bring home a little one who will be loved unconditionally and will have such a caring and thoughtful big sister.

We are a very active family and enjoy our time together and with extended family.  We share our home with our dog, Zha-zhu (named after the bird from The Lion King), and our cat, Whiskers (ok – maybe not the most original name, but it fits her well!) We enjoy family time, being at home, going to holiday parties, singing and playing music, being outside in our yard, gardening, watching football, and participating at church and in our community through various organizations and groups.  Our families are close and there are many cousins that keep Grandpa and Grandma’s house active when we all get together!  We also enjoy those summer time evenings around the campfire and going on weekend trips together.

We understand that this is an emotional journey that you have been brought to.  We can only imagine the intensity that you must feel as you make the decision to entrust your child with another.  We want you to feel comfortable and hope you find that in us.  We will honor your decision with gratitude and gratefulness and will always have the best interest of your child in mind. We hope to get to know you better and will answer any questions you might have of us.  We would be honored to become your child’s adoptive parents and want you to feel completely confident and at peace as you make your decision.


Corey and Gretchen

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