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Evan and Chad

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Hello. We appreciate you, that you are considering us as prospective adoptive parents.  We are Evan, Chad and Desmond.  We are excited to grow our family with an infant.  Placing a child for adoption is an act of love and we know this within our own family.  Chad was adopted as an infant and we adopted Desmond and cared for him beginning at birth.  If you select us, we look forward to creating a relationship with you.

We have known each other for almost 12 years.  We moved back to Wisconsin in 2012 and live near Evan’s parents.  Grandpa runs a small farm with cows.   We have chickens and goats at our property.  For indoor pets we have 2 dogs, Fenway and Poppy.

Desmond is our son.  His birth mother selected us through AOW.  Since his placement with us we have met with his birth mother a few times.  Otherwise we keep in touch through texts and photos.  We feel grateful for her trust in us to raise Desmond.

We want to be parents who bring out the best in our children.  We want to help children to grow by being an example to them of personal discipline, dedication and passion.  We both believe opportunities for education are important to empower a child. With that said, education is not the only path to fulfilling a meaningful life. We want our children to determine their own path.

We are ready to meet and answer questions that you may have for us. Please know, we want to give a child a loving and supportive home from the bottoms of our hearts. It takes courage and love to consider us as parents for your child and we will trust you.

Yours truly,

Evan and Chad