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Throwback Thursday: Interview with a Birth Mother


Mandy* placed her son (Justin*) for adoption 11 years ago. She was 17 years old at the time of Justin’s birth and developed a strong relationship with Social Worker, Claire Schulz Bergman throughout the adoption process. Mandy has stayed in

Too Cute Tuesday: Neiko


Happy Too Cute Tuesday! Today we are featuring the almost one-year-old, Nicholas, who is a couple short weeks away from his first birthday! Affectionately nicknamed “Neiko” by his family, he is a preciously handsome 11-month-old baby who has had many

“We Keep Coming Back to Wisconsin”


The majority of the waiting families that Adoptions of Wisconsin works with reside in the state of Wisconsin, but one family in our active outreach program lives in Washington D.C. Scott and Patrick have expressed high motivation and intention throughout

Too Cute Tuesday: Four-Month-Old Ben


It has been too long since we featured the perfect, adorable baby Ben on our AOW Blog and Family Gallery. Ben is now four-months-old and is loving all the camera time his mom and dad give him! The above photo

Too Cute Tuesday: Baby S


On October’s first Too Cute Tuesday, we happily introduce Baby S! This remarkably adorable infant was born on May 19, 2017, and she just celebrated her four-month-old birthday in September. Baby S has had many experiences early in her life.

An Interview With Birth Parents

pregnant belly

Interview with birth parents Jessica and Michael* Background: Jessica is 5 months pregnant and due in January. She and Michael are making this adoption plan together. They are already parenting two small children and decided that they can’t afford to

Throwback Thursday: Lynn


It’s time for another Throwback Thursday with Attorney Lynn Bodi! Lynn is not only an attorney with The Law Center for Children and Families, a law firm located in the same building as Adoptions of Wisconsin and a part of

Too Cute Tuesday: Kai at Two Months


It’s hardly a surprise that sweet baby Kai has only gotten ten times cuter over the past two months of his life. His parents are deeply in love and continue to nurture his development month to month and advocate for

Funding Your Adoption: Baby K Bake Sale


Funding any long-term endeavor, whether it be completing your education, buying a home or pursuing adoption, often requires more money than can seem feasible. A common hesitation for prospective adoptive parents is the big dollar amount that is looming over

Too Cute Tuesday: Adorable Zoe


Happy Too Cute Tuesday! This week we are featuring the adorable baby Zoe! Zoe was born on May 4, 2017, and has brought so much joy into the lives of her adoptive parents. Zoe left the hospital with her parents

How to Talk to Your Young Child About Adoption

How to Talk to Your 6 to 8 Year Old Child About Adoption At  this age,  your child is starting or continuing school. Their classmates, friends, and teachers are beginning to have an impact on their worldview and their opinion

Throwback Thursday: Hollie


This week for Throwback Thursday we are featuring our Administrative Assistant, Hollie! Hollie was born and raised in a small town in southern Wisconsin. She is the oldest of eight children in her family – all biological to her wonderful

Happy Adoption Day, Devin!

families with judge

Another one of AOW’s families celebrated the much anticipated Adoption Day! Erin and Tim, with their daughter, Devin, finalized Devin’s adoption in court on September 6, 2017. The journey that lead Devin to her parents was not a traditional agency

Too Cute Tuesday: Eli’s Life After Finalization

eli parents

This week’s Too Cute Tuesday baby couldn’t possibly get any cuter! Eli is a few short weeks away from his first birthday and his parents have many wonderful experiences to share from his first year of life. Elijah was born

The Modern Family Effect: Adoption in the Media

The television show Modern Family has helped to continue a paradigm shift about the portrayal of adoption in the media. Historically, adoption was not always portrayed accurately in television. We could call this “The Modern Family Effect.” But from Ernie’s

Throwback Thursday: Katie and Jake in Greece


This week’s Throwback Thursday features the travel adventures of one of our waiting families, Katie and Jake! Katie and Jake became an official waiting family in AOW’s Active Outreach Program in June of 2017. Also in June, Katie and Jake

Throwback Thursday: Megan

social worker megan

Throwback Thursday is here again and this week we are featuring AOW Social Worker, Megan! Megan has been working with Adoptions of Wisconsin for over five years, first as the Administrative Assistant and now as a Social Worker. She is

Too Cute Tuesday: Leo’s First Summer

summer Leo

This summer has been busy for AOW and it’s been that way for baby Leo, too! As August winds down, we want to share a little about Leo’s first summer with his moms for our Too Cute Tuesday feature. Leo

How to Give Your Baby Up for Adoption

The first step toward giving up your baby for adoption is realizing that you’re not going to give your baby up, or be “giving up” anything. You’re making a parenting decision for the child you’re carrying. Many birth parents believe

5 Women Who You Won’t Believe Were Adopted

Marilyn Monroe Circa 1953

5 Women Who You Won’t Believe Were Adopted Kristen Chenoweth Successful actress Kristen Chenoweth says that she “always known that [she] was adopted.” The Muppets star has never met her birth mother, but she has no ill will for her

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