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Adoption Agencies and Facilitators in Wisconsin

Under Wisconsin law, it is illegal (Class H Felony) for someone to be paid to solicit, negotiate or arrange the placement of a child for adoption, unless they are a Wisconsin-licensed child welfare agency (or the Wisconsin Department of Children

Birth Parent Support Group – PARC

birth mother

The Post Adoption Resource Center of Southern Wisconsin is hosting a Birth Parent Support Group on Tuesday, January 9th. The support group will take place at the Post Adoption Resource Center in Madison and will be held from 6:30pm –

Will Our Child Have To Go Into Foster Care Before Being Adopted?

  Many birth parents and adoptive parents wonder whether their child will have to go into foster care after birth and before the hearing. The good news is that foster care in this situation is no longer required. It is

An Interview With Birth Parents

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Interview with birth parents Jessica and Michael* Background: Jessica is 5 months pregnant and due in January. She and Michael are making this adoption plan together. They are already parenting two small children and decided that they can’t afford to

For Birth Mothers Day, From an Adoptive Mom

Birth Mothers Day

Birth Mothers Day In honor of Birth Mothers Day on May 13, 2017, we are honored to share a blog written by an AOW adoptive mom. Read her blog    

Birth Mother Retreat: Always in my Heart

Birth Mother Retreat

Catholic Charities is holding a birth mother retreat for any and all birth mothers who have placed their children for adoption. The retreat is being held on May 6, 2017 from 10 – 4. To register please contact Catholic Charities

Have a question about adoption? Adoptions of Wisconsin can help.

The staff of Adoptions of Wisconsin (AOW) welcomes your questions about adoption. Whether you are considering adoption for your baby, considering adoption as a means to build a family or are a friend or family member wanting to support someone

A birth parent asks, “How do I manage the grief associated with making an adoption plan?”

The adoption process is one that intrinsically involves grief and loss.  When birth parents decide to relinquish their newborn for adoption, they will often go through a grief process not unlike what a person experiences when a loved one passes.

A birth parent asks “How often will I see my baby after the adoption?”

Adoption has changed significantly in the 10-15 years. Having a relationship with a child you place for adoption is now the norm, not the exception. Before you commit to an adoption plan you will meet with prospective adoptive parents and

A birth parent asks “How do I explain my adoption plan to my kids?”

This can be an overwhelming question for prospective birth parents. Explaining to your children that you are making an adoption plan for your newborn can be emotionally stressful. Helping you explain your adoption plan to your children is something that

A birth parent asks “What if my baby’s birth father doesn’t agree with an adoption plan? Can I make an adoption plan without telling him?”

No, before a baby can be adopted, the parental rights of both parents must be terminated. This means that the father of your baby must be informed of your plan to place the baby for adoption.  You can still work

A birth parent asks: “Can I work with an adoption agency if I’m not sure adoption is for me?”

Yes. We, at Adoptions of Wisconsin (AOW), welcome you to reach out to us if you are considering adoption. Part of our role as adoption workers is to provide you with information so you are empowered to make the choice

A birth parent asks “Can I change my mind and parent my baby?”

Yes. Of course you can change your mind about making an adoption plan. Making an adoption plan for your baby is a voluntary decision and you should only do it if you feel adoption is in your best interest and/or the

Will I see my baby again if I make an adoption plan?

Making an adoption plan doesn’t mean that you cut all ties with your child. If you want to have an on-going relationship with your child we will help connect you with prospective adoptive parents who want the same. At Adoptions

What do I ask prospective adoptive parents when I meet them?

You’re nervous. They are nervous. Both birth parents and adoptive parents get excited and anxious about meeting for the first time. Your AOW social worker will be with you during the first meeting as a person of support for you. You

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