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Funding Your Adoption: Baby K Bake Sale


Funding any long-term endeavor, whether it be completing your education, buying a home or pursuing adoption, often requires more money than can seem feasible. A common hesitation for prospective adoptive parents is the big dollar amount that is looming over

Too Cute Tuesday: Adorable Zoe


Happy Too Cute Tuesday! This week we are featuring the adorable baby Zoe! Zoe was born on May 4, 2017, and has brought so much joy into the lives of her adoptive parents. Zoe left the hospital with her parents

Happy Adoption Day, Devin!

families with judge

Another one of AOW’s families celebrated the much anticipated Adoption Day! Erin and Tim, with their daughter, Devin, finalized Devin’s adoption in court on September 6, 2017. The journey that lead Devin to her parents was not a traditional agency

Too Cute Tuesday: Eli’s Life After Finalization

eli parents

This week’s Too Cute Tuesday baby couldn’t possibly get any cuter! Eli is a few short weeks away from his first birthday and his parents have many wonderful experiences to share from his first year of life. Elijah was born

Too Cute Tuesday: Leo’s First Summer

summer Leo

This summer has been busy for AOW and it’s been that way for baby Leo, too! As August winds down, we want to share a little about Leo’s first summer with his moms for our Too Cute Tuesday feature. Leo

Throwback Thursday: Blake’s Second Birthday!

throwback Blake turns two birthday

Happy Belated Birthday to Blake, who turned two on August 15th!   Blake was born on August 15, 2015 and her adoption was finalized on March 15, 2016. Blake and her dads celebrated her second birthday with friends and family.

Happy Adoption Day, Branson!

family adoption

As promised, today we follow up on Branson’s Too Cute Tuesday feature. Branson’s adoption was finalized today, August 23rd! The courtroom was full of Jen and Brian’s family and friends today, who were all there to support them and celebrate

Too Cute Tuesday: Devin

cute Tuesday Devin

This week’s Too Cute Tuesday feature is all about Devin! Shortly after completing their home study with Adoptions of Wisconsin, adoptive parents Erin and Tim were introduced to Devin’s birth mom through mutual friends. After an emotional first meeting, the match was

Too Cute Tuesday: Clea’s Favorite Things

cute clea

It’s Tuesday again, and even the gloomy clouds and rain in the forecast won’t make these cute photos any less adorable! Our feature this week is on Clea, and we hope she brightens your day! Clea was born on April

Too Cute Tuesday: Branson

branson adoption finalization

Finalization is on the horizon for this little bundle of joy. This week’s “Too Cute Tuesday” feature is on the handsome, smiley baby Branson! Branson was born on January 31, 2017 to a birth mother who had contacted AOW mere

An Interstate Adoption: Happy Adoption Day, Ella!

ella finalization

Happy Adoption Day, Ella! Ella’s interstate adoption was finalized on August 2, 2017 in Illinois. While AOW does most of our work with adoptive parents and birth parents in the state of Wisconsin, we also offer interstate and independent adoption

Too Cute Tuesday: Post Placement Visits

kai post placement

Adoptions of Wisconsin knows that our visitors love seeing photos of our cute newborns that are in post placement, and we love to show them off! “Too Cute Tuesday” is our newest blog inspiration that we would love to continue

Beating the Adoption Waiting Game

beating the adoption waiting game

It is never an easy time for adoptive parents while waiting to be chosen by a birth parent. It can seem more manageable when you are busy completing education requirements, creating your profile or finishing the home study – at

The First Month: Love Makes a Family

Love Makes a Family

It has been a wonderful roller coaster of emotions for Heather and Steve over the past month. Early in June they received the phone call that changed their lives – they had been chosen. Not only were they selected by

Adoptive Parents Meet Baby Kai

Adoptive Parents Meet Baby Kai

Welcome to the world, Kai! The newest AOW addition is a healthy baby boy who was welcomed to the world by his adoptive parents on July 19th. After a successful labor and delivery, he was discharged from the hospital into

Happy Adoption Day Leo!

Leo's Adoption Day

Adoption Day is like a birthday for an entire family. A big congratulations to Sara and Lauren on finalizing the adoption of their son, Leo. We wish you great things and happiness in the future! It’s always wonderful when a

Happy Adoption Day Baby O!

Adoption Day Baby O

Congratulations to one of our wonderful families who finalized Baby O’s adoption this week. We’re so glad to have shared this journey with you. We wish you nothing but happiness in the future. Happy Adoption Day Baby O! Congratulations to

Meeting Their Son Was Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

One week ago Heather and Steve received the call that changed their life. Their son was a few days old and they needed to get things prepared to bring him home. AOW social worker, Megan, was fortunate enough to be

Tenley Turned One Year Old!

tenley turned one year old

Happiest of birthdays to Tenley! Tenley turned one year old today. She couldn’t wait to dive in for some of her cake. Hopefully she managed to eat some, since it seems like most of the frosting ended up on her

Happy 1 Month to Zoe and her Happy Parents!

Happy 1 Month, Zoe and her Happy Parents!

One month ago baby Zoe was born and brought so much happiness to her parents. She is growing and changing everyday. Happy 1 month to Zoe and her happy parents! Click here for Zoe at birth! To learn more about

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