Happy Adoption Day, Leon and Noah!

A double dose of congratulations to Kelly and Neil, who finalized the adoption of both their sons, Leon and Noah, on July 11, 2018!




Leon was born on April 1, 2015, and Noah was born on January 5, 2017. Both boys were placed with Kelly and Neil in early January 2018 after a thoughtful adoption decision by their birth parents. After a whirlwind of visits and planning, Kelly and Neil have found themselves as the proud parents to two young boys.

Adoptions of Wisconsin primarily facilitates the placement of infants and newborns; however, we do place infants up to the age of 3. Kelly and Neil came into the adoption process with the hopes of adopting an infant. Soon after they began their home study process, they were presented with a unique sibling set situation with Leon and Noah. The couple considered if they would be open to a placement like this, and after discussion, they decided they would like to pursue it.

Kelly wrote a very touching blog article about her experience with adoption and her expectations going into their journey. Entitled, "The Perfect Fit - Kelly and Neil's Adoption Story", the write-up focuses on their love for their sons and the roller coaster they've gone through. After all of this, it is finally Leon and Noah's Adoption Day.

Kelly and Neil have been supported by amazing family and friends throughout this journey, and have graciously opened their hearts and home to Leon and Noah. They are now a family of four, and the life journey is just beginning. We are so grateful to have adoptive parents as welcoming, inclusive and loving as Kelly and Neil. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and we are very excited to watch Leon and Noah grow up!