Welcome to the World, Reese!

Welcome to the world, Reese! This happy baby girl was born on August 13, 2018 and weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce. Her parents, Kayla and Nate, have enjoyed getting to know Reese’s birth mother over the last few months of her pregnancy and after birth.


Kayla and Nate have been Reese’s sole caregivers since her discharge from the hospital, a little over 6 weeks ago. Reese has been thriving in their care and is a super happy baby! Kayla and Nate are overjoyed to have their baby girl in their lives.


Even the family dog, Macy, is loving having a new baby at home!


Kayla and Nate have been gushing over their daughter and their daughter’s birth mother since they day they were matched. When we asked them how the first weeks of parenting have gone for them, the couple said, “Our first 6 weeks with Reese have been such a dream! From the moment we laid eyes on her we were forever in love and in awe of her. She is such a good baby and has made being first time parents very easy on us! Her favorite thing to do at the moment is sit or lay by the big window in our breakfast nook and look outside. She also loves her play mat and is just able to grab the hanging toys. Waking her up for her bottle in the mornings is our favorite time. She giggles and coos - we think she is going to be a morning person for sure! It amazes us how fast she is growing and how smart she is already. Her personality is developing quickly and we love it so much. We are just so grateful to Reese’s birth mother and birth family for choosing us. It really just feels like a perfect match - so meant to be!”


Thank you, Kayla and Nate, for sharing your story with us. We are so excited for your future with Reese and can’t wait to share more photos of her as she grows!

Welcome to the World, Anderson!

Welcome to the world, little Anderson! This bundle of joy was born on March 30, 2018. He was placed directly into the care of his adoptive parents, Danielle and David. The couple has spent the last two months loving, caring and cherishing Anderson.

Welcome to the World, Anderson!.2.jpg

Danielle and David had very little time to prepare for the birth of their son. A birth mother found AOW's website and felt instantly connected to Danielle and David as she viewed their photos and profile. Within days, the couple met with the birth mother, formed a match and before anyone could process it - Anderson was born. After a successful delivery and birth, Danielle and David were discharged from the hospital with Anderson.

The family dogs, Bailey and Winnie, were excited to welcome Anderson home, too!

We're excited to see Anderson's growth over the next months in post placement before finalization. Congratulations, Danielle, David and baby Anderson!

Welcome to the World, Harper and Hadley!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of AOW's newest babies -  a beautiful set of twin girls born last month. Adoptive parents, Julie and Tom, have developed a strong open adoption relationship with the babies' birth mother, Megan.

Welcome to the World, Harper and Hadley!.1.jpg

Harper and Hadley were born on February 22, 2018. Both girls were healthy newborns and birth mother Megan had a successful recovery. The photo above was taken after the twins' birth in the hospital. Megan, Tom and Julie have formed a close bond throughout the adoption process, and both adoptive parents were in the hospital when Harper and Hadley were born.

Welcome to the world, Harper and Hadley! We are excited to document their growth and development over the next 6 months in post placement. Congratulations to all!

Welcome to the World, Baby Anna!

Welcome to the world, Anna! Precious baby Anna was born on March 20, 2018, and went home with her parents last week.

Anna's parents are happy to be home and are settling into first routines. She is their bundle of joy and has certainly garnered their attention by being completely lovable and adorable. She's also demonstrated the strength of her lungs with a few loud cries!

We are very excited to welcome another little one home with her forever family. She was rocking the pink bow on her hat in her car seat below! Check in for future updates about Anna!

Too Cute Tuesday: Welcome Baby Harlow

Haley and Noah brought home their newest family member on the last day of September. They had been waiting for the perfect match and after meeting with their daughter's birth parents, they knew that the situation was the right one for all of them.

Too Cute Tuesday Welcome Baby Harlow.1.jpg

Harlow was born on September 10, 2017, and she has been thriving in the care of Haley, Noah and her big brother, Jason since placement. The family of three grew to four just over a month ago, and the time spent together has been precious. AOW Social Worker and Executive Director, Claire, could tell that there was an emotional connection between the adoptive parents and the birth parents at their first meeting. Haley and Noah have an open relationship with Harlow's birth mother and father and are hoping to continue communication with both of them in the future.

The family of four is spending quality time together following placement of Harlow in their home. When we asked for an update, Haley gushed about their newborn daughter. "The first few weeks after bringing Harlow home have been everything we had hoped for. She is happy, healthy and strong, and has just started to give big smiles. Harlow's five-year-old brother, Jason, is completely smitten with "his baby", as he calls her. We are already seeing her growing and changing in this short time and we cannot wait to see what comes next for our beautiful baby girl!"

AOW Social Worker, Megan, is completing post placement visits with the family and will continue to get photo updates as the months to finalization approach. We feel humbled to have been a small part of the adoption journey that brought Haley, Noah, Jason and Harlow together as a family.

Meeting Their Son Was Love at First Sight

One week ago Heather and Steve received the call that changed their life. Their son was a few days old and they needed to get things prepared to bring him home. AOW social worker, Megan, was fortunate enough to be with them the first time they met their son. For Heather and Steve, meeting their son for the first time was love at first sight. Congratulations, Heather and Steve!

People are often wonder about adoption. It should be known that no matter how a family comes to be, it can be full of love and happiness.

AOW's Megan Vickers with the happy family

AOW's Megan Vickers with the happy family

Welcome to the World Baby Clea

Welcome to the world baby Clea! Clea was welcomed by her dads and birth family. Clea's birth mom knew from the very beginning that she wanted an open adoption for herself but also for her daughter.

It has been a pleasure to work with everyone during this process and to witness her strength and love for her daughter.

First family picture

First family picture

Clea and her birth mom

Clea and her birth mom

Two proud dads

Two proud dads