Heidi Hansen's New Hats

We were surprised and excited to receive a package containing more incredible baby hats from our friend Heidi Hansen in Minnesota. She has been busy, impressing us with her talents!

We've been happy to give Heidi’s to our adoptive families for their children, who no doubt will stay warm and cozy while we go through the end (hopefully!) of our cold northern winter.

Check out Heidi’s creations!

We love the variety of the styles, and how well made and warm they all are! The button on the top of the hat is an additional styling that Adoptions of Wisconsin owner Lynn Bodi is thinking of adding to her own projects because of how clever it is.

We love watching our hat tree grow, but we love removing the hat leaves from the tree to give to kids even more. We managed to snap a photo of the tree with most of the hats on it, but the tree couldn't stay like that! Shortly after the photo was taken, we happily gave away some of the hats to some excited (and now warmer!) kids.

Thank you once again, Heidi! Your contributions towards the warmth and happiness of children have touched our hearts, and we are so grateful to you for what you've done.


Heidi Hansen's Baby Hats

Over the holidays, Adoptions of Wisconsin received a wonderful surprise from a very thoughtful woman in Minnesota. Ms. Hansen heard about the babies being placed through AOW, and decided that she didn't want them to be cold during this frigid winter. So she knit some of the most adorable hats that we've ever seen!

When we saw the hats that she knit, we couldn't believe how cute they were! And then we saw the intention cards she included, one for each child.

Wishes For Baby

I hope that you

I hope you aren't afraid

I hope you love

I hope you get

I hope you laugh

I hope you never forget

I hope you ignore

I hope you become

I hope you respect

I hope you grow


Heidi Hansen's Baby Hats.4.jpg

In the poem, you're invited to fill in your own intention next to each line, for example "I hope you respect"..."Yourself." With or without your own thoughts though, the poem stands on its own.

The poem's intentions are those we can wish for all children, as well as ourselves. We plan to carry them forward with us into the New Year and invite you to do the same. Thank you, Ms. Hansen, for inspiring us to share your kindness.

We're looking forward to seeing warm and well-loved children in these cute hats.