Welcome to the World, Harper and Hadley!

We are very excited to announce the arrival of AOW's newest babies -  a beautiful set of twin girls born last month. Adoptive parents, Julie and Tom, have developed a strong open adoption relationship with the babies' birth mother, Megan.

Welcome to the World, Harper and Hadley!.1.jpg

Harper and Hadley were born on February 22, 2018. Both girls were healthy newborns and birth mother Megan had a successful recovery. The photo above was taken after the twins' birth in the hospital. Megan, Tom and Julie have formed a close bond throughout the adoption process, and both adoptive parents were in the hospital when Harper and Hadley were born.

Welcome to the world, Harper and Hadley! We are excited to document their growth and development over the next 6 months in post placement. Congratulations to all!