Too Cute Tuesday: Welcome Baby Matthew!

It was a Christmas miracle when baby Matthew was born and placed with his adoptive parents, Bethany and Jeff, a few days before Christmas. Matthew came into this world on December 18, 2017, to a birth mother who wasn't expecting to give birth so soon. Matthew's birth mother and father decided that adoption would be the best option for them, and they contacted Adoptions of Wisconsin from the hospital. AOW Social Worker, Claire, traveled to meet Matthew and his birth mother the same day of his birth. Claire brought profiles of prospective adoptive parents and Matthew's birth mother selected Bethany and Jeff.

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Due to the quick turn around from hospital to discharge, Matthew was discharged into the care of one of AOW's licensed foster families. He spent three days with the foster family, and on December, 22, 2017, he was placed with his forever parents, Bethany and Jeff. Below is a photo of their first meeting together.

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After settling in, Bethany and Jeff said this about their son, Matthew- "Matthew was an unexpected surprise. After hoping to expand our family through adoption for nearly three years we were almost ready to give up when we got the news that Matthew was born and that his birth parents want us to be his family. We welcomed him home on December 22nd and he was just the perfect Christmas miracle. Big Brother Marcus was very excited to have a little brother. Matthew is a super chill baby which certainly makes mom and dad happy. He has already met lots of relatives and friends and has been warmly welcomed by all. 2017 was a hard year for us but we were constantly supported by the wonderful staff at Adoptions of Wisconsin and so it was fitting that our year ended with our perfect baby boy thanks to AOW. We are excited to see Matthew grow and change, and are excited to see where life takes us next."

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Marcus is ecstatic to be a big brother to baby Matthew, and they've been having fun reading books together, playing with toys and getting to know each other. We are so thankful to Bethany and Jeff for sharing their journey with us and we're excited to document the next six months of Matthew's life in post placement!