Too Cute Tuesday: Welcome Baby Harlow

Haley and Noah brought home their newest family member on the last day of September. They had been waiting for the perfect match and after meeting with their daughter's birth parents, they knew that the situation was the right one for all of them.

Too Cute Tuesday Welcome Baby Harlow.1.jpg

Harlow was born on September 10, 2017, and she has been thriving in the care of Haley, Noah and her big brother, Jason since placement. The family of three grew to four just over a month ago, and the time spent together has been precious. AOW Social Worker and Executive Director, Claire, could tell that there was an emotional connection between the adoptive parents and the birth parents at their first meeting. Haley and Noah have an open relationship with Harlow's birth mother and father and are hoping to continue communication with both of them in the future.

The family of four is spending quality time together following placement of Harlow in their home. When we asked for an update, Haley gushed about their newborn daughter. "The first few weeks after bringing Harlow home have been everything we had hoped for. She is happy, healthy and strong, and has just started to give big smiles. Harlow's five-year-old brother, Jason, is completely smitten with "his baby", as he calls her. We are already seeing her growing and changing in this short time and we cannot wait to see what comes next for our beautiful baby girl!"

AOW Social Worker, Megan, is completing post placement visits with the family and will continue to get photo updates as the months to finalization approach. We feel humbled to have been a small part of the adoption journey that brought Haley, Noah, Jason and Harlow together as a family.