Too Cute Tuesday: Welcome Baby Clark!

Welcome to the world, Clark! Katie and Jake met their son 2 weeks after his birth at an AOW bridge care provider's home, where Clark had been staying since his discharge from the hospital. Clark's birth mother wanted to choose the perfect parents for her son, so she took time to look over profiles and meet families before selecting Katie and Jake. The sweet photo below captures the moment that Katie and Jake held their son for the first time.

Clark was born on December 18, 2017. His birth mother and father were interested in having an open adoption for their son, but hadn't contacted an agency before delivery. AOW social worker, Megan, traveled to meet Clark and his birth mother on December 22, 2017 to discuss discharge from the hospital and provide support to Clark's birth mother . With the meeting being short notice, Megan contacted AOW's licensed bridge care providers, Deniece and James, to pick up the new baby boy for discharge.

Too Cute Tuesday Welcome Baby Clark!.2.jpg

After looking over profiles, Clark's birth mother and father decided to meet Katie and Jake. There was an instant connection between them, and Katie and Jake soon found out that they were going to be Clark's parents. Two weeks after Clark's birth, Katie and Jake brought him to his forever home.

We asked Katie and Jake for some insight into their first weeks with Clark- "Clark's first few days home have been wonderful. He's been a super eater and we're very happy with how fast he's growing! He loves to lie in his bouncy chair and listen to records. Our dogs are so happy to have a baby brother and have been spending as much time cuddling next to Clark as possible, whether it's on the couch or next to his bassinet.

Clark has been so alert and special around the house. It's so amazing when he makes eye contact with us when we're feeding him and he's even starting to crack a few smiles here and there.

None of this would been possible without the trust and love of Clark's birth parents who will we always cherish."

We're so excited for Katie and Jake to begin their journey into parenthood! We can't wait to see how Clark grows over the next six months of post placement visits. Check for future updates about the newest AOW baby!