Happy First Birthday, Devin!

Happy Birthday to Devin, who turned the big 1 on January 31st! Devin's adoption was finalized on September 6, 2017. Her parents, Erin and Tim, were kind enough to share some new photos of her enjoying her birthday and doing her favorite things throughout her first year of life.

Devin sported an adorable pink "1" shirt on her first birthday. She also got to wear a fancy bib with a cupcake on it during the cake portion of the celebration!

Happy First Birthday, Devin!.2.jpg

After all the birthday prep, Devin clearly enjoyed her pink cake! We hope she managed to eat some in between the smears on her face, hands and clothes!

Happy First Birthday, Devin!.3.jpg

Erin and Tim stated that Devin had a great first year. She has grown so much and is now crawling (getting into everything, we're sure) and cruising all over the house. She is happiest when she is dancing to music or able to go outside for a walk and get some fresh air.

Some of Devin's favorite things to do are attend her swimming lessons, read books, go for walks and swing at the park (even in the winter!).

Happy First Birthday, Devin!.4.jpg

Devin loves to eat fruit and some of her favorites are bananas, mandarin oranges and pears! She also likes spaghetti, peas, mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and of course sweet treats, such as - birthday cake!

A typical day for Devin consists of playing with anything that makes noise or has music, reading books, walking with walk-behind toys and banging on mixing bowls!

Happy First Birthday, Devin!.5.jpg

Thank you to Erin and Tim for sharing Devin's journey with us so far! We're so happy to see Devin growing and playing in a home full of love for her. Happy Birthday, Devin!