Happy Adoption Day, Jaiden!

Happy Adoption Day, Jaiden! Jaiden's adoption was finalized in court on April 18, 2018. He was with his siblings and parents on his big day and he seemed to enjoy appearing in court before the judge!

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Haiden, Jaiden's biological older brother, was adopted by Mel and Jon at birth in 2010. Jaiden's birth mother parented Jaiden from his birth in 2014 until he was placed with Jon and Mel in November 2017. Jaiden's birth mother reached out to Mel and Jon late last year when she decided that she could not provide her son with the life that she wanted him to have. She also wanted him to have the opportunity to be raised alongside his biological brother, Haiden. Mel and Jon readily accepted the unexpected role of becoming parents again, and welcomed Jaiden into their family.

Jaiden is an energetic four-year-old who has adapted well to his placement with his parents and siblings. He shares a room with his older brother and seems to have developed close relationships with his sisters, too.

At his adoption finalization hearing, Jaiden excitedly announced himself and introduced his siblings to the judge. We are excited to see this family grow into a family of six! Congratulations Jaiden, Mel and Jon!