Happy Adoption Day, Harlow!

Happy Adoption Day, Harlow! Congratulations to Haley and Noah, who finalized the adoption of their daughter, Harlow, last Thursday, December 21st 2017.

Happy Adoption Day, Harlow!.1.jpg

Harlow was born on September 10, 2017, and has been loved and cherished in the care of her parents and big brother, Jason. Harlow's birth parents chose Haley, Noah and Jason to be Harlow's forever family at the end of September. Harlow's big day came quickly, and the family of four looked picture perfect with the judge at the finalization hearing. After a whirlwind few months, Haley and Noah are ecstatic to finalize Harlow's adoption and continue their journey together.

We wish Haley, Noah, Jason and Harlow the best for their future and we are very grateful that they shared a part of their lives with us. Congratulations, Harlow!